The Great Dresser Saga


July 15, 2015 by biblionna

In early May I got a dresser for free from my brother. It is a cheapo laminate/plywood deal, but free’s free. I knew I wanted to transform it in some way, and I toyed between a wallpaper collage or painting it a dramatic color for a while. Finally I settled on painting and got to work.

The first thing I did was remove all of the drawer pulls and donated them to Restore – they were ugly and I wanted them gone. I thought about spray painting them gold, but decided I didn’t like the shape enough. And drawer pulls can’t be too hard to replace, right? Right?

The color I chose for the dresser is Gypsy Teal from Valspar. The paint chip looks darker and bluer in the photo than it is in real life.

So I got to work sanding and painting the dresser, and I finished it in one afternoon. I let it dry for a full 3 days on my back porch because it was hot and HUMID. So far so good.

Now for the fun part – blinging it out.

More like the endlessly frustrating part. You may have noticed that not once did I mention measuring the drawer pulls before I donated them. That’s because I didn’t measure them (I KNOW). I eyeballed the drill holes and figured they looked about 4 inches apart and went off to Lowe’s and bought some nice golden pulls. Easy peasy I thought.

I was so naive then.

I got home. The drawer pulls were too short. This time I decided to actually measure the width between the drill holes (wow, what a revolutionary idea). Alright, they are 4.5 inches. Great. I went back to Lowe’s, returned the ones I didn’t need, and then went to look at 4.5 inch drawer pulls.

They didn’t have any.

At this point, I realized I would have to expand my search online. I found some super funky ones on sale and settled in to wait. The dresser wouldn’t be finished that day, but in a week I’d have a cool new place to store my bed linens and socks.

A week went by. My drawer pulls arrived.

They are too big.

I didn’t measure center-to-center because I hadn’t realized it was such a big deal (BTW, I still have these drawer pulls because I didn’t return them on time to avoid the restocking fee, so if anyone wants them, give a shout out. I have 10 in pristine condition).

Now I am getting frustrated. I measured again, more carefully this time. The width is actually 4.25 inches, which narrowed my choices dramatically, even online. Still I was able to find some that I liked, less funky but more classic. I placed the order. I waited another week. Finally my drawer pulls arrived. I eagerly tore open the box and set to work attaching them. Hallelujah it fit! I went to attach the pull to the other side of the drawer. It’s…off. I was in disbelief. Finally I busted out my measuring tape and measured EVERY SINGLE center to center width. The predrilled holes in my dresser are literally 2 different measurements. One is 4.25 and the other is 4.5. Except for a couple that are 4 and 3/8. Whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Even more bizarre, they are all 4.25 inches on one side, and the uneven on the other side. So now I definitely have to drill new holes, add in wood filler and touch up the drawers. UGH. For now, at least I have working drawer pulls on one side, and they are quite pretty.


Update 7/6/2016: I have yet to finish this project. Just keeping it real here at L@H.


One thought on “The Great Dresser Saga

  1. […] I love being able to sit up in bed, and I can’t really do that with my current set up. My dressers are both hand-me downs (one from my friend, one from my brother) but I love them. Everything else […]


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