Some cheap and quick art tips

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August 7, 2015 by biblionna

I love grouping small art pieces above doors, especially because you can easily change it up for the seasons. Even better, there’s no need to measure and hammer nails! It’s a built in art shelf.


This opening has no doors, hence the curtains. I’m guessing at some point there were pocket doors here, but it’s hard to say. Over the decorative molding, I used a vintage Japanese art print I ‘borrowed’ from my dad’s house (it’s from a set his Japanese college roommate gave him), and two prints of my original art that I put into thrift store frames. My mom thinks the eye is creepy, but I love it, so that’s not going anywhere.


Here’s the cheap tip: print an image you love onto watercolor paper – you get a beautiful texture to your picture without having to special order it. I’ve had no trouble getting the paper through my regular inkjet printer, although I did have to cut it to size. Of course, you could actually paint on your watercolor paper, but since I do most of my art digitally these days, this helps add a bit of warmth and dimension into my prints.


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