New-to-me plants of summer 2016

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July 15, 2016 by biblionna


I used to think I had a black thumb, but in the past year I’ve actually gotten better at keeping my plants alive. I learned a hard lesson after losing my tri-color oyster plant to root rot after I put it in a pot that was too big and then over-watered it. However, my jade, aloe, and snake plant are thriving.

Since I am still in the beginning stages of knowing about caring and keeping plants, I learn about new plants every year. This year I stumbled across Setcreasea and ornamental peppers.


I love the beautiful purple foliage of the Setcreasea. It also blooms pretty pink flowers when it is happy. I potted mine with some black coleus for some contrasting leaf shapes and texture. They would make a great repeating border for a flower bed.


The ornamental peppers are just so bright and cheerful. And since they are tiny, they trigger my “CUTE” feelings. The peppers start out purple, then turn orange, until they mature into mini red chili peppers. They are technically edible, but not recommended since they are not grown for flavor. Also I don’t know what kind of pesticides were used on them at the nursery.

I love these two plants for how easy they are to grow and the unusual colors and dimensions that they bring into my mix of houseplants.

Have you found any fun new-to-you plants this summer?


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