My Living Room shelves

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August 31, 2016 by biblionna

The living room at my old apartment was basically the only one that was ever close to being “done.” It was small and cozy, and had no windows, which was challenging, but otherwise had some great architectural details.


TV wall, right side

Sources: elephant figure: Target past season / wicker chair: thrifted / faux sheepskin: Ikea / pillow: Target past season / bookshelf: Allmodern / Blondie poster: Amazon / faux succulents: Target past season / marquee letter: Target past season / gold orb: Target past season / blue china dog: Target past season / Moroccan lantern: vintage


New coffee table

Yes, it is an awkward photo. The room was so small I had to stand on the sofa to take this picture. I never quite got around to fixing my side table situation. I really wanted a low footstool, but couldn’t find the right one. A stack of books or magazines could have worked too.

Sources: coffee table: Amazon / orange chair: Ikea past season / black pillow: Ikea past season / yellow pillow: Walmart??? I’ve had it for years / baskets: Target past season / rug: inherited


Bookshelf wall

I must apologize for the blurriness, I took this right before I started packing it up for moving.

Sources: bookshelf: Ikea / gold knick-knacks: Target past season / cat bookends: Amazon / everything else: thrifted, diy’d or gifts

Somehow I never got a good shot of my final gallery wall over the sofa before I took it down, but I was never truly happy with it, so I guess that’s ok.

Looking back now, I still love this room. Or at least the shelving situation. Pretty much everything I love was put on display. The only thing I would change is the cat bookmarks. I love them but the room was already so playful and full of small statues. In my next place, I think the cats will go in the home office and I’ll get some simpler yet still funky bookends in their place. Otherwise, this room basically encompasses my personal style of funk, global elements, texture, color play, and coziness. If I had to describe it, I guess I’d go with boho ski lodge? Rustic, playful, full of old treasures, and overall relaxed.


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