My Bedroom Design Plan

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September 7, 2016 by biblionna

My current bedroom is a bit of a mish-mash. My bed is from Ikea (similar model), and it has lasted for 8 years, despite 4 moves. However, I did not use the bed as designed, instead I put a box spring on top of the slats, then mattress on top. I love having my mattress high off the ground, but it made the headboard completely useless, because there was only a couple inches poking above the mattress. I love being able to sit up in bed, and I can’t really do that with my current set up. My dressers are both hand-me downs (one from my friend, one from my brother) but I love them. Everything else is just what was cheap and on hand. Nothing is really coherent. So I’ve decided to change that.


I wanted the vibe to be organic, collected, happy, and most of all comfortable. The existing dressers are in cream and teal, with antique brass pulls. They are more delicate, so I felt I needed to balance them with a structured bed. I love mixing materials, so I went with two different metal tables to act as nightstands, and a wicker chair. The poor chair is usually covered with clothes, but you know, it could be used for a reading chair. The faux leather ottoman I already own is one Magnus’s favorite sleeping spots, and it helps him get on the bed without having to jump too high. Plus, I store books in it. The rugs add softness and even more texture. I am allergic to all-white bedding, so imagine the bed covered in colorful textiles. My existing art will be used, although I’m not sure exactly which pieces. I used my DC print and a similar Mexican bark painting for the illustration to show the mix of mix I’m going for.


Headboard – Pier 1 -$350  | Bed Frame – Pier 1 -$350 | Copper Table – Target – $50

Metal Shelves – cb2 – $90 | Ottoman – Target – $99 | Chair – Ikea – $40

Sheepskin – Ikea – $25 | Rug – Target – $199 | Lights – Target – $30 each

Bedding – Pier 1 | Mexican Bark Painting | DC Print

Color images: Teal | Cream | Burnt Orange | Salmon

The grand total for this design, minus art and bedding is $1,200. Obviously, if I had to buy a new dresser the total would be much higher. I deliberately designed this around things I already owned, so I only need to buy the bed, table and shelves, the big rug, and the lights.

And on a design note, I’m finding it really helps clarify my ideas when I put together boards like this, which I make in Powerpoint. Honest. I have Photoshop, but I find Powerpoint does the job well enough. Even more than pinning images, this helps me get an idea of how each piece would speak to the others. Of course, products always look slightly different online than they do in real life, and I’m really fudging the scale of each piece. But doing this is helping me eliminate choices because they just don’t look right. I find have too many options to be my downfall, so this process, which gives me better focus, is great.


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