Sailor Moon and Space Inspired Dining Room – plan

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September 23, 2016 by biblionna

Confession: I usually eat on my sofa and my dining table is usually covered in mail and work papers. But maaaaaaybe if I had a nicely decorated dining area I would actually use it for its intended purpose. Sometimes. Usually I think of dining rooms as the “boring rooms” in houses. They often feel formal and stuffy. I really wanted to create a room that had life and a joyful attitude.

So yeah, let’s get to it and break down that title because I’m sure you are thinking “what in the heck?”

The Inspiration:


For the uninitiated: this is Sailor Moon. She is a champion of love and justice. She is also the star of the Japanese anime, Sailor Moon (1993-1998) and Sailor Moon Crystal (2014-now). I will not bore you with all the details, but suffice to say, I have loved Sailor Moon since I was 14 years old. The real story here is the color palette and the space imagery. That’s what I’m going to be building off. I’m going to pull out the navy blue, yellow/gold, and pink primarily.

The other major component of this design are the photos from the Cassini mission to Saturn. Because look at how graphic and stark and awesome these are:

Those are rings of a planet! I’m flailing with nerd excitement right now. Ever since I saw these pictures, I knew I wanted to get them printed big – really big, and use them somewhere in my home. There are so many other awesome photos, seriously, just browse through all of them…I’m not sure how I’ll decide on which ones I’ll ultimately use.

The Inspiration Rooms:

What all of these rooms have in common is a fantastic dark blue paint with natural wood, white and gold accents. Other colors are kept to a minimum, which is not something I will be following, but the dark blue paint definitely is.

The Design Plan:


Sources: Dining Chairs | Table | Credenza | Mirror | Lamps | Pendant | Rug | Shelf | Cart | Candlestick | Black Sculpture | Vases | Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers | Star Light

The Options:

Depending on the size of my dining area, I will either have the small table pictured above or this larger one. The bar cart and wall shelves are optional if there is room for them.

The paint choices are entirely theoretical at this point, but if I paint, I will swatch Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball, In the Navy by Sherwin Williams, and Admiral Blue by Behr.

That credenza is awesomely funky, but it is also $1000. Which is way more money than I am willing to spend/can afford on a credenza. Fortunately, I think I can DIY something similar either with wallpaper or paint, some hairpin legs, and an Ikea cabinet.


From left to right: X | X | X | X

The pendant light is something I go back and forth on. The mercury glass has a reflective, starry look and the circular shape echoes the mirror and evokes a planet. The geometric pendent reminds me of antenna on space craft, plus looks the most modern. The spiky 6-lamp chandelier double downs on that look, but it is the most expensive. The simple farmhouse pendant is simple and classic. There’s no wrong choice here, so it will probably come down to budget and how everything else comes together once I’m at the installation phase.


So if I hadn’t told you this design was inspired by Sailor Moon, would you have figured it out on your own (you know…aside from the comic book cover…)?

And I cannot end this post before adding the obligatory videos:

A Trip Around Saturn

Around Saturn from fabio di donato on Vimeo.

Sailor Moon English Theme Song

Sailor Moon Japanese Theme Song (Moonlight Densetsu)

And finally, MOON PRIDE!

Happy Friday!


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