Librarian At Home is an experiment in design. I love casual and cozy boho and country looks, but I’m also a major pop culture nerd, and I love art that has a bold graphic and modern punch. This is my stab at blending together design and geekery, and trying to keep it somewhat grown-up (but not too much because maturity is overrated).

My old apartment, where I lived from 2014-summer of 2016 is part of an old house that was divided into 4 apartments in the 1970s. It has 10 foot ceilings, lots of beautiful moldings around the doors, and tons of space for 1 person and a lazy cat (a big kitchen for a rental, a huge bedroom, a tiny living room, an even smaller 2nd bedroom, and a back porch). Despite this, I have too much junk, so it is stuffed full. One of my ongoing goals is to get rid of a lot of crap I accumulated in my teens and early 20s that I am still holding on to.

After I graduated, I moved in temporarily with my mom. The hunt for my next home (and a job!) is on.

Who am I? 

I’m Abi, a librarian and teacher who de-stresses from school work with interior design projects. I read history books for fun and listen to Japanese and Korean pop music in my car.

Magnus is my fat cat, and he is very much the one who runs this house. He helps test out new chairs and blankets and also tries to add his cat hair to all my furniture and clothes. He’s very good at it.



Abi - librarian, artist, interior design padawan, nerd (obviously). Let's boldly go.

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Legal Section

This site is a hobby! I don't use affiliate links and I don't receive any compensation for the content of this blog. I only post about brands and merchandise I actually like or purchase myself.

All designs, images and words are (c) me unless otherwise noted. Please feel free to share far and wide, with credit!